• Both of Team HTK were Machines! Great Job GBC. You guys put on a great race, I definitely don't want to see another sand bag for a while!

    ROBERT W Green Beret Challenge (GBC)
  • Thanks Mark and all of the Green Beret Challenge staff for hosting one of the toughest competitions known to man!

    JEREMY 'ACHILLES' BGreen Beret Challenge (GBC) | Atlanta
  • We had a blast at the NC race and will do it again! If you are in Georgia and would like to be challenged this is the race for you!

    KARY C
    KARY C Green Beret Challenge (GBC)
  • This is definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done. If it wasn't for my husband continuing to push me through the "WTF" event I think I would have quit. Thanks for pushing my body and mind to its limit and knowing that I completed this was an accomplishment in itself. Thanks for a great event.

    LENORA SGreen Beret Challenge (GBC)
  • Thanks for hosting a great race guys, I had a blast! Much better than any tough mudder or warrior dash race that's for sure.

    Luke Q
    Luke QGreen Beret Challenge (GBC)
  • You are helping turn a couple of amateur athletes (one chef and one counselor) into hard-core warriors! I can't wait for the next gut check. This stuff is definitely not for everyone! But is damn sure for us!!!

    Brian W
    Brian WGreen Beret Challenge (GBC) | Atlanta
  • Thank you for providing my daughter and myself a challenge to test ourselves like no other. We were not the fastest team out there but we finished and that was our goal. We will have these memories of competing together and pushing through all the pain the rest of our lives. I cannot thank you enough! It was an awesome experience and I would encourage others to sign up and learn what testing yourself is all about!

    Mike B
    Mike BGreen Beret Challenge (GBC)
  • Left with a definite sense of accomplishment and new friends to do future races with. Will be there ready to go next goaround.

    Dana B
    Dana BTrek - Atlanta
  • In many bigger races, they expect you to already know how to tie knots, cross-carry, and build apparatus, but in the TREK, they teach you these things before giving you a challenge that puts it to use. If you're thinking about doing an obstacle course race, but you aren't sure if your're quite ready for one of the larger races, this is definitely the one for you. The larger races can seem intimidating if you have not done one before. The TREK offers the perfect option for those of us who are not completely crazy just yet.

  • Devin (Fireball) C.
    Devin (Fireball) C.Green Beret Challenge
  • Came across this & something drew me to it. First time for running a race of any kind. Definitely enjoyed it. Will test every aspect of yourself, mentally & physically. Great group of staff & volunteers. Well organized. I even had family come from out of state & the support of friends rooting me on to do good. Will be out for the spring event.

    Jeff G.
    Jeff G.
  • I can't lie, when I first came across this challenge and did a little research into it, I questioned if it was something I could successfully complete. My interest level was there to be sure, but the intimidation factor couldn't be ignored: I'm just an average athlete after all. Sure, I've participated in obstacle course races before, but nothing like the Green Beret Challenge was sizing up to be. Being the kind of person who likes to push myself to the edge I decided to bite. Life can be short so you have to squeeze every damn drop of fun out of it, or so I believe. I can tell you this race did not disappoint. Neither in the arena of fun, or the push to overcome the mental and physical fatigue endured during the race. Nothing in the race was impossible to overcome, and things were certainly easier if you could apply some mental muscle to the equation, but make no mistake - this race will push you. When I crossed the finish line I found myself wishing it wasn't over. My advice - recruit some friends, build a team, take a leap of faith and sign up for an experience you won't soon forget. I know I certainly will again.

    Collin C.
    Collin C.
  • I have done many different events from the Death Race to a local OCR and the Special Ops Green Beret Challenge ranks right up there with some of the best. The course layout was awesome with some very challenging tasks to be completed. Achievable by all but still a great challenge. The race directors were right on site ready to answer questions and soliciting feedback. I highly recommend this event if you are looking to challenge yourself see what you are made of.

    Valerie Smith
    Valerie SmithGreen Beret Challenge
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