How do I join a team?

During Registration, you will need to select Join a Group. You will need to know the Team’s name so you can search for it or someone will need to send you an invite. If you are an Individual looking to join a team and do not have one at the moment, register as an Individual and then sign up on the event Facebook Page and post that you are looking for a team. If you don’t find one by event day, we will place you on a team.

Can participants wear a crazy costume?

Absolutely! However, don’t let your costume or running shoes do harm to other participants. Be aware that very large costumes may get water logged, damaged, ripped, torn or snagged along the course. SPECIAL OPS’ Series reserves the right to deny entry onto the course if a costume presents a safety issue or may cause hazards to others.

What should I bring for after the event?

Bring dry clothes to change into after the event. It sucks to be too cold or hot when your friends want to stick around after the race or go out for some spirits.

What should I wear?

Depending on the time of the year, venue and location coupled with each individual’s preference, we leave it up to the participant to determine their attire. However, since you will more than likely get wet, muddy and dirty, we recommend wearing athletic apparel that is comfortable, dry’s quickly and can withstand punishment by you and the elements.

Can women participate in the SPECIAL OPS’ Series?

Hell Yes! Women are highly encouraged to participate in all of our challenges.

What is the SPECIAL OPS’ Series Age Requirement?

Yes! You must be at least 14 years of age on race day. Anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent to participate. The parent and the individual under 18 must be present together at the time of entry with a valid photo ID

Do I have to sign a liability waiver to participate?

Yes! During registration, you will be required to check that you agree to our Participation Waiver or Volunteer Waiver before you will be able to complete the registration process. You will be sent a confirmation email that includes a link to the waiver as well as other pertinent information about the event. KEEP THIS EMAIL for future reference. Each individual must also print, sign and bring the waiver to the event as well as a valid photo ID.

What is the deadline for registration?

Deadlines for registrations are:

TREK – The Thursday before the event at 5 pm.

Green Beret Challenge – The Wednesday before the event at 5 pm.

How Can I become a Green Beret?

Easy! Register and complete all of our races; then make the call to a Special Forces Recruiter at (910) 432-1818.

I’m having problems registering!

If you are having problems registering, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox, and make sure that your browser is enabled for cookies. If you are still having technical problems, email us at [email protected].

How many people can be on a team?

The TREK is an individual event where the Cadre determines the number of people for teams during Head-to-Head opportunities.

The Green Beret Challenge can be an individual or team event. If you are participating as a team, you are required to have 4 people.

How do I start a team?

During Registration, you will need to select one of the following:

1)Participate as an Individual;
2)Join a Group; or,
3)Create a Group.

At this point, you should register by clicking Create a Group. You then have the option to Create the Group using Facebook or by signing up using your email. Once you create a group, you can invite others to join you for a fantastic time at our events.

Can I transfer my registration?

Absolutely! However, there is a $5.00 fee associated with each transfer because it does require a bit of administrative time. You will need to login to your account provided in the registration email.

Why do I have to purchase Participant Insurance?

The Participation Accident Insurance is mandatory, and is used to help cover your medical costs if you get injured during the event. The cost varies depending on the event and is a separate fee outside of the registration cost. Unfortunately, even with your own insurance, our provider requires everyone to purchase Participation Accident Insurance in case of an accident or if the insurance you have, doesn’t completely cover you.


  1. Accidental Medical Benefits up to $25,000 per person for medical bills arising from an injury suffered while participating in an event with Special Ops Series.
  2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit of $10,000


  1. Loss of income, sometimes called Disability Insurance
Can I get a refund?

Sorry, we do not offer any refunds under any circumstance as per our company policy and within the terms and conditions set forth in our registration process. You’re right, it sucks, but we do offer the ability to transfer your registration to another event or person.

Can I get a Military or Government Discount?

Absolutely! SPECIAL OPS’ Series respects and appreciates our heros and their dedicated service to this great country. We offer a 25% discount for all military and government services to include police, fire fighters and government employees. We operate on the honor system during registration but do require each participant to present valid indentification at the event or they will have to pay full price to enter.


What’s included in the Registration Fee?

What’s included in the Registration Fee?

It really depends on which event you are doing. Please refer to each specific challenge or race to verify, but in general it includes:

  • Finisher Medal or Coin (Unique to your race)
  • Awesome T-Shirt (for Green Beret Challenge)
  • Entry into Post Party
  • Personal Accomplishment
  • Meet really cool people
Do I need to train to participate in the SPECIAL OPS’ Series?

It depends! Our events are designed to test an individual’s overall fitness and give you an opportunity to see how you measure up to some of the most Elite forces in the world. However, we realize that not everyone wants to be tested to that level. Therefore, we offer multiple events and allow people to compete as teams to accommodate for a wide range of fitness levels. Below is detailed information about our events:

TREK is designed so that everyone at every fitness level can participate. Depending on your fitness level, you may or may not need to train for this event. If you are active and exercise a couple times a week, then you should be able to complete the event without a huge committment toward training.

Green Beret Challenge is a much harder event that will require training unless you are in stellar shape, go to the gym or do Crossfit on a regular basis. This event will test your mental and physical stamina on many different levels.

If this doesn’t answer your question, then send us your question to [email protected] and we’ll respond.

What is the TREK?

The TREK is a great event to check out our series. Your day starts out by learning valuable skills and techniques that will assist you throughout the day’s activities. Once training is complete, you embark on a 3 – 5 mile journey led by Special Operations Cadre that requires crawling, running, climbing, thinking, decision-making and leadership. TREK is an inspiring, somewhat tough, and rewarding event that challenges individuals of all levels. Our Cadre are there to motivate and inspire you to complete the course.

Does the team have to finish together?

Not necessary; however, if you sign up as a team or group, motivate your buddies and don’t let them quit.

If you enter the Green Beret Challenge, you want be able to complete it without your teammate unless you are one bad ass individual.

I’m not in great shape. Can I complete a SPECIAL OPS’ Series event?

Absolutely! Participating in the SPECIAL OPS’ Series is more about teamwork and getting to experience the camaraderie that elite units have within the Special Operations Community. Being in shape or having a high-level of fitness will allow you to complete the course much easier and faster. However, your mind is much more powerful than your body!

Do Spectators have to pay an entry fee?

No! However, you may be subject to a parking fee depending on the event venue requirements. Come on out, we look forward to seeing you there.

Does the team have to finish together?

Absolutely! Why would you not finish with your team?

Is there a charity associated with the SPECIAL OPS’ Series?

The SPECIAL OPS’ Series is aligned with the Special Forces Scholarship Fund. We donate a percentage of our profits to the fund at the end of each year.

Will there be food and beverages?

It depends on the venue. We do have fruit, water and some refreshments at our events.

How do I volunteer?

It simple, find an event which has a Volunteer Button associated with it. Click the button, select the Volunteer Position you would like to sign up for and submit your information. We will then contact you with information for the event. We appreciate your support and would not be able to be as successful as we are without our awesome volunteers.

Is there a packing list?

The Green Beret Challenge and the TREK have recommended packing lists. Refer to each event page to view.

How do I contact SPECIAL OPS’ Series?

Email us at [email protected]

How long is the Special Ops TREK?

On average, the TREK covers approx. 3 -5 miles and last 4 + hours. This can be longer or shorter depending on your participation.

How do I earn the TREK Coin?

The TREK Coin is earned by participating and completing a Special OPs Series TREK event.

What is the TREK Coin?

The TREK Coin is what we give participants for completing a Special Ops TREK event. Want to read more about the history and rules? Click here

Ready to register, click here

Can I use SPECIAL OPS’ Series logos on my website?

Please contact us directly at [email protected] if you would like to co-brand with us and use our logo on your website!

What if I can’t swim?

Yes, some race venues will have a water obstacle. SPECIAL OPS’ places safety personnel at all water obstacles to assist with your successful completion and safety during any water obstacle. If you cannot swim, please indicate this to the cadre and they will provide an alternate path for you to continue along the course.

What do we get for finishing?

Each event offers a unique medal or coin for finishing the course. TREK participants receive a TREK Coin. Green Beret Challenge participants receive a medal. Everyone who completes a SPECIAL OPS’ event obtains a personal accomplishment and becomes affiliated with the SPECIAL OPS’ Series.

What if I get injured?

SPECIAL OPS’ Series has certified medical professionals on call and onsite for every event. If the situation requires, EMS personnel will respond accordingly.

Are special skills required to participate in the SPECIAL OPS’ Series?

The SPECIAL OPS’ Series does not require any special skills to register and participate in our events. Our goal is to bring individuals together so they can work as a team to complete our challenges. Each individual brings a certain set of skills to the team. Together, it is up to the team to determine their strengths and weakness as they overcome the challenges. Communication is key!

How do I get the SPECIAL OPS’ Series in my region?

Click on the Pre Register tab on the main menu and submit your recommendation.

Is there a weather cancellation policy?

Barring severe weather, the race will go on as scheduled. In the event of severe weather, we will try to hold the event the following day.

How much does it cost to enter a SPECIAL OPS’ event?

We offer a three-level pricing structure based on when you sign up. The earlier you register the more savings you get. The TREK starts at $50 and the Green Beret Challenge starts at $100 which includes Participation Insurance. Our prices are per person, not per team and are displayed when you register. Participants are responsible for paying registration fees associated with our Registration Company.

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